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21 Apr 2014 Happy Easter, DD Championship results and Staff Refresh

Happy Easter! First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We have a few announcements we would like to share with all of you. Championship Closure We are glad to announce that our Destruction Derby Championship has come to a successful closure. It was a very interesting series, and Sirius Bauss was able to overcome Satisfactory Troublemakers. I would like to thank our staff (especially PeiN) for organizing this event. We're very happy that most of the participants had a fun...

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28 Mar 2014 FFS Gaming Official Android Application

FFSGaming Android App In this Thread I am going to introduce you the brand new Android Application of FFSGaming. I guess many of you are browsing FFSGaming with their Smartphone to view who's online ingame and for latest news about the server. Loading all those pages take much time so what about a way to access all the data quicker, and with less data to download? That's where the App comes into play. With the new App you'll be able to view Latest...

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19 Mar 2014 Changes in anticheat (d3d9.dll)

Changes in anticheat (OMG I GET KICK ON FFS, HELP PLS PLS) This topic is to inform you about recent changes in anticheat regarding custom d3d9.dlls and should help you in case of being kicked from the server with the following message: Since March 19th any custom d3d9.dll that is not a kind of graphic-only mod such as ENB Series or Ultra Thing is strictly disallowed on our server. That is due to rising popularity of code-manipulating hacks injected via d3d9.dlls into MTA which give you...

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FFS Gaming (formerly named |FFS|Racing) is a Multi Theft Auto San Andreas clan and a server which was founded in April 2010 by Bauss and Reny. It started out as a DM/DD server, which was launched on July 29 2010. Our focus has always been on racing-type gamemodes in MTA:SA, but we have also hosted other game servers over the time, along with Team Fortress 2 and Trackmania. Our main principle is to stand out of the crowd, to innovate and to be a trendsetter. We are the home of different mapping tools (VCLG & Toolbox) that kickstarted a new era in mapping. In summer 2012, we launched the first multi-gamemode server on MTA:SA which quickly became a big success. Today, we are the #1 largest racing-type server on MTA:SA and #2 most popular server overall.


  • 36 clan members
  • 83,746 registered players
  • 2,198 maps
  • 2,375,397 hours of playtime
  • 211,007 posts
  • 19,462 threads
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